How to Find a Driver Near 30A

Since 2019, Uber and Lyft car service near 30A and Santa Rosa Beach has been virtually impossible to come by.

Car rentals are also nearly impossible without reserving several months in advance. So how do you get around on vacation if you didn’t reserve a car a year in advance?

Here’s a list of drivers near 30A available for airport pickup and drop-off, as of March 2022:

Kraig Livecche (850) 387-5479 30A local Uber Driver

Jeff Denham (850) 920-8235 Airport Shuttle by Jeff

30A car service – Karrie (850) 276-1593

Pam Thorsted (850) 814-0111 – Uber Driver 

Chris (850) 585-7227 Destin Car Company

Chris 850-635-1592

Randy Gordy (706) 499-7035 [email protected]

Text a Taxi – Mandy Foster (850) 800-8872

Shuttle by the Sea – Brenda (850) 238-7365

Kay (850) 896-3032 Rides to and from Airport

Dallas Executive Services (321) 310-1807 [email protected]

Best of Both Worlds Luxury Transportation

Mo (850) 737-3267

Stan Hollis (717) 725-4520

Darrin (7850) 716-7232

Don Greenlee at Greenlee Car Service (850) 774-9550

Larry at Emerald Coast Luxury Transportation (850) 774-8345

David (850) 374-4494

PCB Haven Transportation (562) 243-8954

Gil (850) 699-9795

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